Siembra Azul Tequila


Siembra Azul may be new on the tequila scene, but they’ve already gained attention for the 100% blue agave tequilas they’ve added to the market. The company, which was founded by David Suro-Pinera, has their tequilas double distilled in the highlands of Los Arandas. They offer an unaged, or “blanco” tequila, a 3 month or “reposado” tequila, and an “anejo” tequila, which must be at least a year old.

The flavor profiles the line offers are considerably lighter and fruitier than comparable tequilas, but their drinks are every bit as smooth. It’s definitely worth giving Siembra Azul a try. Here are the pluses and minuses of the brand:


Every tequila works well for either sipping or mixing
Every expression offers its own special qualities
It’s an excellent value for the price


Much lighter than other premium tequilas
The availability is rather limited

siembra azul tequila

Brand Description

Kosher and double distilled tequila that comes from the Jalisco Mexico highlands
Founded by David Suro Pinera
Distilled by Leopoldo Solis
First released in limited areas back in 2005. Anejo was released in 2008.
750 ml Blanco bottles retail for approximately $35. Reposado bottles are around $40, and Anejo are around $45.

Your Guide to Siembra Azul Tequila

Siembra Azul tequila is primarily produced in the same ways other tequilas are, but there are a few twists. The tequila starts with the Vivanco family’s pesticide-free agave. They’ve been farming it for generations, and they’re experts. During the winter, pinas are roasted. The chilly temperatures give it a more complex flavor. Baking is done in clay ovens, which are regularly cleaned to make sure bottles are consistent. Classical music such as Vivaldi and Mozart is played while the agave juice is fermented by prisse de mousse yeast. This practice is becoming more common. After fermenting is completed, the tequila is placed in a custom stainless steel and copper Alembic still. Once that’s done, the blanco tequila is bottled, and the rest of the tequila is placed in barrels and aged for as long as neccessary.

Flavor notes:

Blanco: Initially, you’ll enjoy a light yet sunny sweetness full of earthy notes. This is followed up by a herbaceous palate with hints of citrus. To finish, there’s a bit of pepper that gradually gives way to an aftertaste of baked agaves. This works very well in tequila cocktails.

Reposado: The first thing you’ll notice about this is its mix of oak and sweetness. There’s an earthy palate with notes of wood and spice. To finish, there’s plenty of sweet citrus. This is an ideal tequila for cocktails and margaritas. Try a Grand Gold style margarita with this tequila.

Anejo: The flavor profile of the anejo is significantly brighter than that of comparable tequilas. It begins with an extremely sweet citrus taste and the scent of oak. It gives way to an oaky palate. In ends with a earthy, peppery aftertaste. It’s a wonderful drink to sip, and also works very well in lighter cocktails.