Stolichnaya Vodka


Russians are famous for their vodka, and Stolichnaya is one of the most popular brands in worldwide market. One of the reasons for this is that Stolichnaya is smooth to drink, mixes great, nice to sip when chilled, and is easily found in most liquor stores. Combine this with the fact that is is also affordable and it is not hard to understand why Stoli is so popular.

Stolichnaya can definitely be put on the top of the list of everyday vodkas, its flavor, its price, and its availability all add to its status. Its easily recognizable and well known red label can be considered its flagship, and no liquor store is complete without displaying it.

Stoli vodka

This popular vodka is prepared from wheat and rye which is distilled four times. It is then mixed with water, however, no ordinary water is used. The spring water comes from Russia’s Kalingrad region, which helps give it a unique flavor. Before being fused with the alcohol the water is filtered through a combination of quartz, charcoal, sand, and a special woven cloth. Once purified it is mixed and bottled to result in an 80 proof liquor. The final result is great Russian vodka with an affordable price tag of around 25 dollars per bottle.


The aroma of Stoli vodka is typical of the liquor, it gives off a hint of warm grain mixed with alcohol. A first sip can be described as bright and almost airy, the continued sensation is that of a tolerable bite and a silky palate, as you continue to taste the liquor you will notice a hint of citrus in the warm taste that is typical of vodka. The bite that can be found in most vodkas is relatively quick to dissipate and almost non existent.

Stoli Elit

Stoli Elit vodka

If you have a more refined palate and would like to try an even smoother version of Stolichnaya vodka you may wish to experiment with Stoli Elit. Stoli Elit is great for the more experienced connoisseurs that enjoy sipping pure chilled vodka, or mixing it in transparent cocktails. When you compare the two versions you will notice a pleasant difference which is caused by additional filtering of the product. Of course the price tag is somewhat compromised in order to produce this fine liquor. Instead of around 25 dollars per bottle expect to pay around 60 dollars. This influx in price, however, can be justified by the extra smooth characteristics that it offers.

Characteristics of Stoli Elit

The aroma is very rich, clean, and gives off a hint of warm grain. It shares many of the desirable characteristics of the base Stolichnaya vodka in addition to a hint of caramel and being much smoother. In fact it is one of the smoother of the popular vodkas on the market.

More Stolichnaya Vodkas

Stoli Vodka Flavors

Of course Stolichnaya produces a wider variety than what discussed in this article. The next time you are in a liquor store why not take a look. You will find a pleasant variety of flavor infused vodkas to choose from in addition to different qualities of clear vodka. All within the price range discussed here.