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Great Canadian Whiskies For You To Enjoy

Would you like to start exploring the intriguing Canadian whisky world beyond the half-empty bottle of Dad’s Black Velvet?  Here are five excellent examples for you to check out which show what can be created using wood, yeast and grain in the land of hockey:

JP Wiser Rye Whisky

JP Wiser Rye Whisky

According to Pernod Ricard, the parent company, this is Canada’s No. 1 selling whisky.  It just made its entrance in the U.S. this fall. 

Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve Whisky

There are U.S. whiskies and then there are Canadian whiskies, and then there is the Canadian Club’s 30 year old reserve whiskey.  Released in late 2008 in celebration of the Club’s 150th year, this limited edition is not only celebrating over a century of distilling whiskey but providing an example of what Canadian whiskey can be if treated with quality and care.  Superbly smooth with superior oak flavoring, the reserve whisky is best served on its own as you’ll want to taste it.  However, you must act quickly as there are only 15,000 bottles available and while they are predicted to last the winter they will more than likely fly off the shelves before the season passes.