While it may not feature peat as heavily as some Islay malts, the subtle peat flavor in Talisker gives an earthy background note that suits the rocky flavor. Because of the complex flavors mixing in this whisky, some people may find it takes a few drinks to get used to it. However once appreciated, you won’t find a better drink than Talisker for relaxing at the end of a long day.

Located off the west coast of the Scottish Highlands on the Isle of Skye, Talisker comes from a lonely locale. There you will find that the locals still speak Scottish Gaelic, and the Talisker distillery is the only whisky maker on the whole island. That may well be because no other could compare. Legendary poet and author Robert Louis Stevenson identified Talisker whisky as “the king of drinks” and his opinion is far from alone. You can see both James Bond and M are seen enjoying this scotch in several of the films. Like 007, the flavor of Talisker can be rocky, no doubt influenced by the sea near the distillery. The water flowing here picks up a high mineral content as it travels through and over the peat.

Talisker 10 Scotch Whisky

Color: A gold-tinged orange

Nose: Briney sea air, seaweed, a touch of blood orange.

Palate: Rocky and hard, bringing to mind tumbling water and cliffs by the sea. Rock candy. You may even sense a tinge of heather amid the solid background flavor of peat, and it is not at all smokey. This whisky is quite earthy and you can taste the minerals. Firm bodied, with just a touch of oil and cream to contrast with the mineral flavor. Its complex flavors are intricate and ever-evolving.

Finish: By adding a dash of water, you may experience stronger floral notes, however, it comes at the expense of the coastal scents. For this reason, most prefer enjoying it neat. If Bond wouldn’t add water, why should you?

Talisker is a whisky that will leave you thinking. Just like connoisseur James Bond, it is mysterious, steely, and edgy. It will hit you directly in the face, lulling you into submitting. You won’t find another like it.