Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin


Tanqueray is a name that is always associated with high quality. For over 175 years, this is a brand that has come out with some of the best gins that money can buy. With the classic taste of the London Dry Gin, you really have an understanding of what it means to sip real, premium gin. The No. 10 is delightful with its undertones of citrus and has set the bar high when it comes to making the perfect martini. Today the Tanqueray Rangpur is another winner in the vast portfolio of flavors that this brand offers up. Not only is this a new generation of gin, but this product is well on its way to competing and succeeding over the flavored vodka craze. However, since this is a gin that has a refined flavor and a unique style, it is easy to see why it is set so far apart from the competition.



  • Tanqueray Rangpur offers up a light lime flavor that is just right for highlighting the juniper base.
  • This is a refreshing gin that is just right for simple, yet perfect mixed drinks each and every time.
  • When paired with ginger ale or cranberry juice, this is a gin that is quite stunning.
  • For any sort of gin drinker, this is a nice change from the other, more dry gins on the market.


  • Not the best gin to be used for dirty martini or dry cocktail

Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin


  • Produced by Tanqueray this gin is distilled with Rangpur limes along with bay leaf, ginger, juniper and a number of other botanicals.
  • Released in February of 2007, this gin comes in at about $22 for a 750ml bottle and is 82.6 proof with 41.3% alcohol by volume.
  • A short film about the search for delicious and elusive Rangpur limes featured in this Tanqueray product was released by GlobeProbe.com.


The more you look into the exotic Rangpur lime, the more you will find that this is unlike any other in the market today. This is a wonderfully unique fruit that brings together attributes from other citrus fruits. The color is orange and the flavor is just as zesty as you would expect a lime to be. However, it is juicy just as an orange and actually looks quite similar to citrus relative, the mandarin orange. Native to India, the Rangpur tree is able to produce fruit all year long and can be fruitful for up to 40 years. Over time this is also a lime tree that has been adapted to flourish in both Southern California as well as Florida.

When speaking in terms of gin, Tanqueray Rangpur is not simply lime flavored. All of the flavorings and botanicals are actually distilled into the beverage instead of being infused like a lot of the popular vodkas are today. This works to trap the flavors deep within the gin to give a punch that is noticeable yet still subtle. This is an astoundingly well balanced gin that has a delicious citrus twist. You can either enjoy it alone or in your favorite mixed drink.


Rangpur limes give this Tanqueray spirit a lovely aroma that is sweet and warm along with a rosy bouquet that is both soft and inviting with each sip. You have the notable lime flavor along with a hint of lemon as well as the perfect juniper that you would expect from any quality gin.