Top Pinot Noir Wines


When it comes to the red wine world, Pinot Noir is still one its most delicious darlings that offers plenty of ambition.  Pinot Noir offers the ultimate when it comes to food-friendly personality and brings lots of style diversity as well.  It consistently brings to the table a well received and versatile tasting profile.  In terms of both Old World estates and New World vineyards, Pinot Noir is among the finest red wine grapes in all the world.  However, it can be tricky trying to find the ideal Pinot based on price and preferences.  To help you get started, here are 10 of our most recent favorites.

Pinot Noir

1.  King Estates Signature Pinot Noir

King Estates is one of the premier Pinot producers in Oregon.  It is grown and bottled in the state’s Willamette Valley.  There is a very enthusiastic fan club behind this specific Pinot Noir.  Its nose provides an explosion of dominant red fruit that is laced with a very heady mixture of floral and herbal tones, with a spice-laden matrix woven throughout.  A dynamic synergy of dark cherry fruit, raspberry and strawberry with a warm vanilla infusion is produced by the palate profile.  Engaging tannins, solid acidity and balance provide an elegant and Montes Alpha Pinot Noirlong finish to this remarkable Pinot Noir.

2.  Montes Alpha Pinot Noir

This ruby red and distinctive Chilean Pino Noir from the Montes area has a lot going on in terms of its aromatic qualities.  Enjoy the fruit-forward, rich dynamics of pumpkin pie spice, red raspberry and bing cherry.  The conversation is continued by the palate with another forward fruit wave, velvety, pliable tannins and well-tuned acidity.  Overall, this Pinot Noir from the cool climate of Chile’s Casablanca Valley is a very lovely Pinot Noir.

3.  Echelon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

This 2010 ruby red Echelon Pino Noir hails from the Russian River Valley in California.  It enjoys a tasty dark fruit character, well-placed acidity and delicate balance.  The aromatics of this lean toward raspberry and dark cherry, with lots of black pepper spice and sweet vanilla.  Its palate profile leans to ripe cherry that has black raspberry undertones along with a silky, seamless tannin structure.  This is a well-priced Pinot Noir.  Serious quality is delivered at a reasonable cost.

4.  David Family Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is outstanding.  It offers an engaging mixture of smoke, floral, earth and herb, leading to an aromatic appeal of rich plum, raspberry and dark cherry fruit flavors for a very appealing palate.  Enjoy complex warm spice layers, minerality that is ongoing and a fine-boned structure that is bound with an elegant intensity, and you will understand why such a significant impression is made by this Pinot Noir.  Silky tannins, a balanced acidity, medium-bodied and an opulent and persistent finish all make contributions to this Pinot Noir’s Gaggy Range Pinot Noir Winecollector intrigue.

5.  Craggy Range Pinot Noir

This ruby red Pinot Noir from Craggy Range offers beautiful aromatics.  Its subtle herbal and bright cherry character makes an unmistakable statement.  The palate profile provides a high-end red fruit with generous amounts of raspberry, strawberry and cherry notes woven together to produce a mouth-watering medley of fruit that is distinctly forward.  Velvety tannins provide both definition and structure to the fruity character.  The overall balance of the wine offers a tasting experience that is seamless.  This lovely Pinot is idea to pair with anything from herb-crusted salmon to braised beef to wild mushroom seasonal dishes.

6.  Bonterra Pinot Noir

The Bonterra Pinot Noir is an easy-going, medium-bodied red wine.  It is absolutely delicious and offers extraordinary versatility when it comes to food-pairing, making it an ideal everyday wine.  This Pinot Noir is made from Mendocino organic grapes.  The aromas with this pleasant wine largely consist of bright red fruits like strawberry and raspberry, with hints of cherry pie and sweet vanilla spice added to the mixture.  The palate provides a forward fresh fruit experience.  The dance is dominated by pure strawberry, and the wine’s melody is steered by an overall balance that is truly impressive.  Ideal pairing partners include: a long list of select cheeses, pork chops, steak, grilled chicken, a wide array of appetizers, mushroom-driven themes, pizza, burgers and red sauce pasta dishes.

Stoller JV Estate Pinot Noir7.  Stoller JV Estate Pinot Noir

This Stoller Point Pinot Noir has been crafted using fruit that is all estate grown.  The aromatic mix includes red raspberries, currants and plums and showcases a tempting mixture of earthy herbal and fruity nuances.  The palate has more fruit mingling with dark chocolate strands in an alluring tangle of bright acidity and refined tannins that is all wrapped up in a finish that is very capable.

8.  Pali Huntington Pinot Noir

Finding an ultra elegant and well-made Pinot Noir for less than $20 is almost an impossible task.  However, the Santa Barbara-based Pali Wine Company has been able to achieve this remarkable feat.  Its Huntington 2010 Pinot Noir provides the table with serious berry, consisting of abundance red cherry and raspberry, along with dark chocolate and floral on its nose.  Ripe blueberry, raspberry and cherry, combined with an acidity that is well-managed and fine tannins effortlessly melt  into an engaging and refined finish.  This is a “must try” Pinot Noir and offers serious synergy.

Gary Farrell Pinot Noir9.  Gary Farrel Pinot Noir

The Gary Farrell 2009 Pinot Noir hails from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma.  It delivers well-concentrated delicious berry fruit along with warm spice into the forefront.  Bright cherry and raspberry dominate the aromas, along with a hint of pumpkin pie spice- lots of oak-driven vanilla, cloves and cinnamon.  It has an engaging palate that features an enviable balance, zippy acidity and high-profile, ripe fruit.  From the very first taste to the lingering finish, this is a well integrated Pinot Noir.  It is ideal for pairing with grilled salmon, mushroom-themed sauces, pork tenderloin and braised chicken dishes.

10.  Twomey Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

This impressive Pinot Noir provides the glass with a considerable Burgundian character.  Abundant blackberry and dark cherry fruits are wrapped inside an intriguing combination of delicate floral tones and mint.  The wine’s nose exudes creativity, elegance and warmth.  Ripe, rich fruit is featured on the palate profile, along with a dash of warm spice and hint of dark chocolate.  You can expect well-integrated, silky tannins, balance and a spice-laden, persistent finish.