Trago Tequila


Trying to find a superior tequila to have on hand for your collection? Look no further than any of the versions of tequila that are produced by Trago. They are widely diverse array of tequilas that range from a silver version that is perfect for a mixing base to an anejo that is smooth and sumptuous. These are considered to be luxury tequilas due to both their taste and price, which runs as much as $70 per bottle, and they are the perfect touch for every special events and celebrations. Personally, I am very partial to the very versatile Reposado because it works so well as both a sipper and a base mixer that lends a bouquet to the drinks it’s used to mix with.



Rich agave tastes that are exquisite.


Not for drinking on the average budget and meant as a luxury drink for any special event.

Trago Tequila Profile:

– There are three tequilas made with Blue Weber agave, and the versions are known as anejo, reposado and silver.
– Original 2006 release
– Distillery located in Mexico at the Los Alambiques Distillery.
– The owner of Trago is Felipe Camarena, who is the son of Don Felipe, a well-known producer of tequila.
– Prices ranges from fifty to seventy dollars per bottle
– 80 proof with forty percent alcohol per volume

Trago Tequila Background Information –

The word “trago” in Trago Tequila is Spanish and translates to “taste” in English. This fine tequila is crafted in Mexico in the region known as Altos de Jalisco at the Los Alambiques Distillery. The area where it is produced is known for top-rated agave growing. Felipe Camerena is the owner of the distillery, and he is the son of a highly-regarded producer of tequila by the name of Don Felipe. Felipe Camarena is staying true to the traditions that his father has stuck by with tequila production, and offers a variety of tequilas that are sold in bottles that are considered to be elegant and luxurious.

Trago Tequila Silver Review –

The silver version has citrus and mint aromas and is a clear tequila. It has an agave taste and a hint of spice and grassy notes. The finish is snappy, somewhat tart and clean. It’s perfect to use in a variety of cocktails as a base, and is widely used in well-loved margaritas.

Trago Tequila Reposado Review:

The silver version has an agave base that is both smooth and sweet, and it’s placed in oak barrels to age for four months. It has a lasting finish with some hints of caramel and brown sugar, and it is gold in color. It is perfect for drinking on the rocks or as a light mixer.

Trago Tequila Anejo Review:

The anejo version is easily considered the apex of a tequila that is designed very well. The aging process turns it a golden brown and takes place in bourbon barrels for 18 months. This makes for a very smooth palate with hints of almond and maple, which is a surprise due to the smoky nose it has. It has a finish is both elaborate and long, and it is best to savor it with the help of a snifter.