Van Gogh Espresso and Double Espresso Vodkas


Van Gogh’s innovative decision to meld our caffeinated desires with liquor brought about a new trend in flavored vodkas. The release of Espresso and Double Espresso vodkas from Van Gogh is the zenith of this trend. Both these vodkas are infused with the rich flavors of lush coffee. They are great additions to the bar that will give you that shot of caffeine, which you have been always looking for in your drinks. The newer flavors are not compromising the quality that you expect from a Van Gogh vodka in any way. The reputation of Van Gogh is held high, no matter what flavored vodkas are released to the market by the company.


  • Smooth Espresso vodkas for easy Espresso Martinis
  • On the rocks the Espresso is considered an easy and great dessert sipper
  • The Double Espresso has the right amount of caffeine – not overboard in any way.
  • Tastes of dark roasted and rich cocoa coffee notes.


  • Double Espresso is quite rich and thick, but not syrupy.


Both are natural grain vodka infused with coffee notes. Double Espresso consists of twice the amount of caffeine than Espresso. The product is distilled in Schiedam, Holland by The Royal Dirkzwager Distilleries. The product is imported to the USA by Luctor International, LLC. Orlando, Florida. The concentration is 35% ALC/Volume- 70 Proof. The product is sold at $28 per 750ml bottle.

Van Gogh Espresso And Double Espresso Vodkas – Guide Review

I like the light sweetness and coffee bean of Espresso compared to the Double Espresso. It is quite delicious and subtle, but not overbearing. The Double Espresso is still a good product, but the mix gets thick and the caffeine hits the palate like a wall. It is quite a thick drink.

Cocktails using Espresso are lighter in taste and color compared to the Double Espresso. It is the ideal substitute for Kahlua of the popular Espresso Martinis. It is quite fun to pair it with pomegranate juice for a Pomspresso Martini. The same way, you can pair it with gin for a Ginspresso Martini. This is how versatile Van Gogh’s Espresso is.

In fact, the Double Espresso is a powerful product, but not much when compared to Three Olives Triple. It can be considered a great substitute for Kahlua. It is much like the Bacchus Espresso Martini – dark and rich with just a touch more caffeine. The product is great for shots like Van Gogh’s Irish Coffee Drop.

Tasting Notes Of Van Gogh Espresso

The fragrance is airy and light. It reminds me of a small coffee shop with Irish dark coffee beans percolating. The taste of velvet and dark roasted coffee beans caress the tongue. The finish has a much more strong, lasting note of a mocha latte prepared with rich chocolate and cream.

Tasting Notes Of Van Gogh Double Espresso

The aroma is much richer than the Espresso. A sweet, dark cocoa aroma fills the air. The Double Espresso is thicker and darker with a chocolate-caramel tone. The finish is quite rich in cocoa with a caffeinated kick to it. All in all, it is a great product by Van Gogh.