Probably the most desired distilled spirit that’s used in cocktails and in blended drinks along with an essential in any bar, is vodka. Recognized for the characteristic of having no noticeable or distinct flavor or even smell, it is frequently clear and therefore allows the addition of other ingredients which when mixed in, dominate the flavor thus keeping the focus on the added ingredients, rather than the vodka itself. With countless cocktail recipes as well as other recipes such as the Vodka Tonic, the Screwdriver or even the Cosmopolitan for more popular names of drinks, Vodka is also very versatile. Today, the vodka market is continuing to expand and there are many brands to choose from. These names include Absolut, Ketel One, Grey Goose and more. Additionally, there are also many smaller distilleries creating smaller batches of vodka and using intriguing ingredients and methods. It’s challenging to categorize all of the vodkas into one simple recipe. There are many to choose from and many different methods and varieties from which to select. Here is a general idea of what to expect in a good vodka. Click here to learn more about vodka.

IS Vodka

IS Vodka is a clean and smooth spirit that made its first debut in the United States in late 2008. This septuple-distilled vodka is made from traditional European wheat (non genetically modified) and brewed using Icelandic water. If you need a well-chilled sipper or a mixed cocktail, the IS Vodka it the best choice. However, the availability is limited and might be hard to find one.

Oval Vodka

July of 2007 marked the United States debut of one of the smoothest vodkas ever created, Oval Vodka. With the tagline, “Vodka’s Natural Evolution,” Oval stands out from the pack thanks to a structuring process that surrounds the spirit with water, giving an unparalleled drinking experience with a super smooth beginning and end, unlike any other vodka on the market. Many traditional vodka fans may find this unattractive, but those looking for vodkas without a hint of alcohol will definitely find it pleasurable.

Emperor Vodka

You might have noticed a prominent label that reads “Ultra Premium Connoisseurs Vodka” on an Emperor Vodka bottle. This is not just a resounding marketing slogan but it holds what the vodka exactly is. The Cognac region of France is the source of water for Emperor Vodka which is brewed and distilled at least six times, filtered through charcoal and is made from selected grains. Its price tag is an amazing $30. If you are fond of grain vodka, then Emperor Vodka connoisseurs should provide you with an additional ingredient in your cocktail recipe alongside an amazing sipper.

ZYR Vodka

Zyr vodka is one of the smoothest, grain-based vodka from Russia. If you are a vodka connoisseur, then you will instantly notice the fine craft in this spirit. The Zyr is undeniably a vodka that one can really appreciate. The Zyr has a working well defined concept that is based on a unique 9-5-3 formula. This basically means 9 filtrations, 5 distillations and 3 tastings that ensures consistent pure quality in every Zyr vodka bottle. Of course the formula works and it gives the vodka connoisseurs an impressive drink that they can enjoy in anyway they prefer. 

Stolichnaya Vodka

Russians are famous for their vodka, and Stolichnaya is one of the most popular brands in worldwide market. One of the reasons for this is that Stolichnaya is smooth to drink, mixes great, nice to sip when chilled, and is easily found in most liquor stores. Combine this with the fact that is is also affordable and it is not hard to understand why Stoli is so popular.

Van Gogh Espresso and Double Espresso Vodkas

Van Gogh’s innovative decision to meld our caffeinated desires with liquor brought about a new trend in flavored vodkas. The release of Espresso and Double Espresso vodkas from Van Gogh is the zenith of this trend. Both these vodkas are infused with the rich flavors of lush coffee. They are great additions to the bar that will give you that shot of caffeine, which you have been always looking for in your drinks. The newer flavors are not compromising the quality that you expect from a Van Gogh vodka in any way. The reputation of Van Gogh is held high, no matter what flavored vodkas are released to the market by the company.