Top Rose Wines to Try

Rosé wines are known for being versatile, and the best wine to accompany food. Because of the run of “White Zin” there is a misconception that Rosé wine is an overly sweet starter wine. Despite this challenge to their image, sales of Rosé wine are rising as their quality is being discovered and recognized by wine lovers. Rose wines are in fact definitively dry, not sweet. In addition to this, the price of most of these wines provides excellent value for money. The pink hues of the various Rosé wines are a result of the brief time that the juice comes into contact with the grape skin. Best Served Chilled.

Overview of Rose Wine

While it may be called rosato in Italy, rose in the US and rosado in Spain, the names all point to wines that are pink in color. Just as there are many shades of color for other types of wine, roses also come in many shades thanks to what variety of grapes used to make them and how long the skin of the grape is left to sit in the juice. The flavors range from bone dry to sweet or even decidedly dry, if the rose wine is from Europe.