Chardonnay Wine Recommendations

Chardonnay is among the most well-loved and well known white wine varietals in today’s market.  Chardonnay has a very distinguished and long following and has an extremely versatile image.  Vintners offer a wide range of structures and styles.  From buttery, rich Chardonnays boasting presence and power to fruit-forward unoaked Chardonnays allowing varietal expression and character to be what is highlighted, this white wine is more than capable of accommodating numerous food pairing combinations and most palates.

Chardonnay Wine

Chardonnay is made in the United States, Chile, Australia, Burgundy, and South Africa. This grape variety grows in a number of different regions, lending it a variety of flavors and styles. Expect to pay a range of prices for any particular Chardonnay, and expect its varieties to pair well with a wide range of foods.

Chardonnay is the number one white wine sold in the United States, and the production of it climbs in popularity, growing to be the top dry white wine preferred by wine enthusiasts. The wine is considered to be a low-maintenance variety. This means the green colored grapes grow in many different climates and contributing to its high yielding productions throughout the world. These yields translate to be millions of Chardonnay bottles of wine.