X-Rated Fusion Liqueur


Anyone looking for something delicious and refreshing, will enjoy X-Rated Fusion. A new, high quality liqueur that is an import from France; this is a liqueur that hit the market back in February of 2006. The pink color draws in the eye and goes well with the flavor combination of mango, passion fruit and Provence blood orange with a premium vodka base. Truly a unique flavor blend, this is a wonderful twist that is just right for sipping alone on ice or spinning into one of your favorite cocktails. If you are in the mood for something special or a beverage that you can share with someone special, X-Rated Fusion is just right for almost any occasion.




This is a sweet and fruity blend that meshes together beautifully with a premium vodka base, making for a beautiful mixer. Additionally, this is a bright pink color that is perfect to brighten up the look of a cocktail or to bring something interesting to a themed or specialty drink.


Can be very sweet for some people and may need to be cut with your favorite mixer or even another spirit.

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur

The Details

  • Imported – France
  • French wheat and Roseberry grain distilled premium vodka, with ingredients from Reunion Island in Madagascar
  • Quality vodka base beautifully fused with Provence blood oranges, passion fruit and mango
  • Introduced to the US market in February of 2006
  • Labeled Best New Spirit in the United States by Market Watch in 2006
  • 750ml bottle for $29.99

X-Rated Fusion Liqueur Guide Review

There are some people who may have a difficult time when drinking X-Rated Fusion alone or on the rocks, however this is a unique flavor that is just right for someone who likes a drink with a little bit of a punch. Mixing with other spirits allows you to create something that is interesting, unique and full of flavor. While alone it may be looked at as being overly sweet and a bit on the thicker side for sipping, there is no denying that all of the flavor profiles within are going to give you something special that will bring any drink to the next level.


With a sweet aroma and plenty of incredible flavors, this is a liqueur that is going to give your palate a punch of flavor. With a bit of a bite of citrus and hints of freshness, this liqueur is a treat that offers an incredible aftertaste.